follow your heart

Cliche, I know.

What is the cost of not following your heart?  Regret.  Sorrow.  Stress.

Of course there is a balance to everything.  But judging by what most people are, there’s no danger of being imbalanced on the things that don’t really matter to their hearts.  There’s actually a danger of not following their heart, at all.

The assumption is that following your heart will take you on a journey, and it will not be a nice neat program.  It will be a bit clumsy.  Sometimes you’ll fall back on your automatic pilot of not following your heart.  But if you start, you’ll get somewhere.

Seth Godin says most people won’t “ship” – they won’t put their creations on the market, for fear it won’t be good enough.  Steven Pressfield says most people won’t commit to their art.

I say that most people won’t start.  They won’t start to follow their hearts, in fits and starts.  Because starting is all you need, when it comes to the heart.  It doesn’t require a plan, but a plan might be your desired course of action.

It’s not even a course of action. Your heart is a not a production line.  It’s not do-or-die.  It’s life – as it was meant to be.

The heart is passion, not perfectionism, not mere business as usual.


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